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The Auto Salon Luxury Detail Package

​​AAuto Salon     Price List

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Pet Hair removal from Carpet or Upholstery

​Our Auto Salon Luxury Detail is all the above Interior and Exterior services combined to create an unparalleled level of clean.  Our staff will spend upwards of 5 hours painstakingly cleaning your vehicle with every tool and high tech cleaner available in the industry.  You will be amazed at the end result.  Your car will go through a "New Car " transformation.

Once completed it will not only look awesome, your cars value will be sure to increase. Sometimes adding thousands to its value.  It only makes sense to keep your second largest investment looking great.

This service takes up wards of 4-5 hours to perform. Pet Hair will be priced based on removal time.
Prices start at  $199

Our Exterior Detail begins with the "Auto Salon Custom Hand Car Wash" above...then our Salon Staff will perform a Four  step Paint correction process:

Step 1 – “Clay Bar” service which is a specially formulated clay bar to remove microscopic contaminants from the exterior paint surface. Which leaves a smooth surface to apply wax.
Step 2 – Paint is polished with an advanced blend of light cleaners and polymer sealants to remove superficial scratches, stains, and oxidation*** (Over spray removal not included)
Step 3 – We apply one of the finest hi-tech polymer wax to the paint to protect and intensify the luster of your vehicle’s finish.  

Step 4 - We will apply a premium carnauba wax usually by Meguiers, Mothers or Griots Garage on top of the hi-tech polymer to lock in that amazing shine. Giving your vehicles paint a longer lasting  protective coat  to withstand our unforgiving Northeast weather.

Finally we will clean and wax your door jambs and fuel door area  and apply a UV  protectant to your door Moldings. 


This service takes approximately 2.5  Hours to perform                                                                                                             Prices Start at  $125​​

Auto Salon Luxury Hand Wax   The above service without Step 2  (No Buffing)            Prices start at    $ 75

​Two coats of wax on every job...

Many Detail shops offer an "Express Wax for $49 ", we always recommend claying the paint first, you do not want to trap environmental  contaminants between the wax and paint.  Its much better for your paint not to  put wax on top dirt.

​Headlight Restoration

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TOdor and Smoke Smell Removal

30 Henniker Street
Unit 7 Concord NH 

Artillery Fungus Spots

Scratch Removal per Panel

​Interior Vacuum Only

Graphics, Lettering and Decal Removal


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Auto Salon Interior Detail

All A La Carte Services above are price quoted per job  and vehicle condition.

Excessive Sand or Dirt

​Road Paint

 Premium Wax Upgrade * Black Label Synergy*

We have many different types of Detailing services which we can custom tailor to your vehicles needs.  The Price List above is merely a general guide for you to review.  We will never over sell you on a service which your car will not benefit from. We believe honesty is paramount to customer service.  Below are other services we offer. If you do not see what you need just ask, I'm more than positive we can accommodate your request.

​​Our Interior detail service always Begins with the “Auto Salon Custom Hand Car Wash”

In this service, our goal is to make you feel like you are sitting in your car when it was new.  Our staff will meticulously clean every inch of the interior including the Instrument panels, gauges, dashboard, vents, sun visors, steering wheel and column, center console, door panels, etc., are all meticulously dusted, cleaned and conditioned. Carpets and fabric upholstery are completely shampooed and cleaned using a professional upholstery / carpet extractor leaving it clean and smelling fresh. Even  your vehicles  Leather  and vinyl are carefully cleaned then treated with special conditioners to soften, preserve and protect from UV and future use.  

 This service  takes Approximately 2.5 Hours to perform.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Prices start at  $125


Auto Salon Exterior Detail

Tree Pitch

We Proudly use Products from these great companys:

Auto Salon Custom Hand Car Wash

Our Custom Hand Car Wash is​​ the best wash you will ever experience.  Our staff will meticulously Hand wash your car paying attention to each area to ensure a thorough job.  We Only use top quality car wash soap specially formulated to remove bugs, and stubborn road grime from your vehicles surface. During the wash process, we clean your tires and wheels from any built up dirt and brake dust.   After your vehicle is clean, we will  dry it with soft towels and compressed air to get those stubborn wet areas that usually ruin a car wash job once you drive down the road . Next, we will vacuum your floor mats, carpets and seats ( *Pet hair removal is  an Extra Charge but you'll be happy when its done*).

As a courtesy we will remove any unwanted trash as directed.  The Auto Salon staff will also clean all windows and mirrors as well as dust your dash and center console area.  

​This process usually takes approximately 45 min. ( we don't rush, because we treat it like its our own)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Price Starts at  $50

A La Carte Services

Every vehicle is different and prices will be reflected accordingly.  Some vehicles will require more work than others and some less.  Prices are for normal cleaning which do not require special attention such as excessive tree sap, pet hair, sand, yellow or white road paint, bark mulch artillery fungus ( Those little black dots on your car that you don't know where they came from), etc...

These types of imperfections will be price quoted accordingly and each client will know the cost prior to start of the detailing process.  Auto Salon has had a great track record of dealing with most types of contaminants, however there are a few isolated times which we will be unable to completely remove some imperfections from a vehicle without irreversible damage. We choose not to damage your vehicle in any way.

We are definitely not the low price leader in town, we take a lot of pride in what we do and you we clearly see the value in the finished job.